Wednesday, January 19, 2011

The Mouse Factory

I always wondered what Ward Kimball TV series from the '70s, "The Mouse Factory," looked like and why so many at the Studio (Woolie Reitherman, Wilfred Jackson and others) hated it. Now I know, thanks to someone who posted quite a few episodes on YouTube including Spooks and Magic (part 2 above), Fitness, Snow, The Reluctant Dragon, and Goliath.


Floyd Norman said...

I was on set when they shot this back in the seventies. I don't think Ward ever took this show seriously. It was just another dumb assignment handed him by management.

We thought the show was awful then, and our opinions haven't changed any in all these years.

In spite of this dumb show, Ward Kimball remains a genius.

Fernando Ventura said...

This is so bizarre - Snow White's appearance on the end is so silly and funny! I also enjoyed the "live action" Hazel. What a shame Disney don't do "dumb shows" like this anymore! :)

Celbi Pegoraro said...

The Mouse Factory is funny because is bizarre. Let´s call King Louie Witch Martha! Lol.