Thursday, March 12, 2009

This just in from Chris Doyle:

[Dear Didier,

Hi, thanks for your blog. I am a huge classic Disney animation fan and am looking forward to reading it starting way back in 2006. I have been 'out of it' for the past few years as I produced and directed and wrote my own hand drawn animated film (24/7 job) in my own little attempt to keep hand drawn animation alive and well.

Since seeing how 3D is really taking over the animation market and because of the final loss of the Nine Old Men and because I really didn't find any other forums on the web with dedicated to them and their films I have recently started a forum dedicated to Disney animators and the 'classic' films of Disney.

Admittedly there is not so much material as I am in the process of recruiting members before loading up with too much stuff but believe me I am totally determined to make it work.]

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