Tuesday, April 24, 2007

This just in from Jim Hill about the Richard Hack book about Eisner I was wondering about yesterday:

[Just so you know, this Richard Hack book that you wrote today about seems to have a couple of different titles. More importantly, a couple of different publication dates. Take -- for example -- the version that I just found (and ordered) over at eCampus.com. It goes by this name:

Michael Eisner's Tragic Kingdom: The Man Behind the Mouse
edition: Author(s): Hack, Richard
ISBN: 1893224961 / Hardcover / Jul 01, 2004

Price of single item: $20.68 Could the "Rise and Fall of Michael Eisner" been a proposed-never-published redo of "Tragic Kingdom" that was looking to capitalize on Michael's early exit from the Walt Disney Company and Iger's rise? I mean, it doesn't seem all that likely that this guy would write two books about Uncle Michael within the span of 26 months ... Does it?]

Michael Eisner seems to have stopped the distribution of the book Jim Hill mention above after a lawsuit in 2005.

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