Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Jack Benny and Walt Disney

I had never seen this clip before.

According to Jim Korkis:

[This is an episode from the hour long Jack Benny show from 1965. It was originally broadcast in living color. The reason the tiger shows up is Walt is also advertising his live action film A Tiger Walks released in 1964.

Walt was filming his introduction for his television show (to air in March 1966) that would show that film. He often filmed hi sintroductions for the entire season one after another, even months before they appeared.

He is also shilling for the forthcoming That Darn Cat (1965) as well as a Tiki Bird for the recently opened attraction at Disneyland. Even the bird saying "He's living in The Wonderful World of Benny" referenced Walt's fairly new NBC show "The Wonderful World of Color".

What a salesman Walt was!

Jack visiting the Disney Studios was filmed on the same set Walt usedfor the introductions to his television programs. There is also a "gritty Italian movie" spoof of Mary Poppins with Elke Sommers and Bob Hope later in the episode. The Jack Benny show was on CBS and Walt was on NBC but Walt's personal contract with the Disney Studios allowed him to make a limited amount of appearances (I believe it was three) on other entertainment projects.

Walt appeared on another CBS show,"What's My Line", in 1956 where he was the "mystery guest". You can tell Walt is having fun and even doing a little ad-libbing like he did in his own television introductions.]

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