Tuesday, January 24, 2017

I just realized that I forgot to post the table of contents of Walt's People - Volume 19. Here it is:

Foreword: Mark Sonntag
Dave Smith: Dick Grills
Michael Barrier: Jack Kinney
Autobiography of Don Graham
The Janet Martin letters from South America
Janet Martin: Librarian to Walt Disney
Janet Martin: Disney Character
Janet Martin: Bringing Bambi to the Screen
Alan Coats: Remembering the Milottes
MICA Productions: Lloyd Beebe
Michael Broggie: Roy E. Disney
Jim Korkis: Susan Hoose
Jim Korkis: Terry Jo Steinberger
Jim Korkis: Carol Farris
Bob Thomas: Art Stevens
Bob Thomas: Frank Thomas
Didier Ghez & Jim Korkis: Alan Coats

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