Thursday, October 20, 2016

This just in from Disney historian Jake Friedman:

[I'm looking for a volunteer in LA who would make use of the public library and send me scans from within 4 months of Daily Variety.  Or someone who has online access to their archives. [The volunteer would get] research credit in my book [about Art Babbitt]. This would not take more than part of a day.]

Could somebody help? If so, please email me ( or Jake (

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Garry Apgar said...

One solution may lie with someone within Didier's network of Disney Historian friends and colleagues, i.e., someone with an academic affiliation. They may have online access to "Variety." If not, and if their college or university library does not have microfilm or hard copies of "Variety", they can request scans of the articles from other libraries.

If there are as few items as Jake indicates, and he has detailed references (page numbers help a lot), that should not be too great a burden on anyone. And maybe easier ... if -- IF -- someone is willing and able to help. Some tenured faculty have TA's who can do this sort of dog work for them.