Monday, April 11, 2016

In Garry Apgar's great article about Walt Disney's connections with Connecticut in the April issue of Connecticut Magazine there is a rich array of illustrations (about 20 in all), including this never-before-published group photo of Walt's Red Cross training unit in Connecticut, generously supplied by the Walt Disney Family Foundation.

Anyone interested in ordering a copy may contact Dave Martin, the publication's circulation manager, at: 

Walt Disney (top row, center, dwarfed by two men standing to his immediate right) in a photograph of his unit at Camp King, Sound Beach, Connecticut, circa early to mid-November 1918. Courtesy, The Walt Disney Family Foundation, San Francisco, Calif.

Here's a detail, highlighting Walt's position in the picture:


Garry Apgar said...

As an added note, that group photo of Walt's Red Cross unit in Greenwich is signed by Major H. P. Harding, the men's commanding officer. He's the fellow seated up front in the chair.

Anonymous said...

I don't want to sound like a doubting Thomas, but the highlighted circled head does not looked like Walt.
Walt might be in the pic but it does not look like him here ... to me! Just saying! ;-)

Garry Apgar said...

Your point is well taken. In fact, the taller fellow to Walt's right in the photo looks a lot like him, too (at that age). However, I have it on impeccable authority that in this instance Diane Disney Miller made the identification.

Garry Apgar said...
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