Tuesday, June 09, 2015

This just in from Christian Svenningsen:

[I have two more questions that's troubling me:

The first one is, who pitched the idea of doing Beauty and the Beast in the late '80s?

We know that Ron Clements pitched The Little Mermaid, Howard Ashman pitched Aladdin and Jeffrey Katzenberg pitched his original idea that became The Lion King, but what about Beauty and the Beast?

The second one is, who pitched the idea of doing Tarzan? In the production notes here on the internet, Disney only gave the project to Kevin Lima.]


Joe c said...

Don Bluth was also planning a Beauty and the Beast feature at his studio in that general time period.

Celbi P. said...

If I remember well Tarzan was originally a Disney Movietoons project. The idea was to have Goofy starring as the man of the apes in a comedy animated feature. But someone really saw a big potential and brought it to Disney Feature Animation. Kevin Lima (the co-director of Tarzan) is the director of "A Goofy Movie" (a Disney Movietoons production).