Wednesday, June 10, 2015

This just in from Bob McLain:

[Steve DeGaetano self-published the now out-of-print WELCOME ABOARD THE DISNEYLAND RAILROAD in 2004. His press run sold out quickly, and used copies on Amazon are selling for hundreds of dollars. The book was popular among Disney and train enthusiasts - Bob Gurr told Steve that he'd found information in the book that even he didn't know: "Such detail...amazing since I was there and you weren't even born yet."

Steve is raising funds to re-release the book (through Theme Park Press) on Kickstarter. The goal is to put out a full-color, hardcover, "coffee-table" edition, with hundreds of photos and an up-to-date revision of the original text. Steve is close to reaching his initial minimum funding goal, but there are lots of upgrades he'd like to make if the goal is exceeded.

More details here.]

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Steve DeGaetano said...

Thank you Didier! Bob and I really appreciate the post!