Tuesday, November 12, 2013

This just in from Mark Sonntag.

[I was scanning e-bay for photos of Walt and stumbled across this. The photo itself is nothing, but the story on the reverse is odd.]

More details about this story, following the two posts below.



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DisneyDave said...

I found the following July 4. 1933 Oakland Tribune story in my newspaper archive:

Isle of Man cat

The Governor-General of the Isle of Man, (who, if he’s at all on to his job, ought to be very, very dignified), received the following cable from Los Angeles yesterday: ‘Cat arrived okay. A million thanks. Where is his tail?’

Walt Disney, the cartoonist fellow whose characters animate movie screens, has received from the Governor-General one pedigreed Manx cat through the English counsel here. Accompanying the cat was a note (and a bit undignified one would gather): ‘I am Maxine. The prospect of meeting Mickey Mouse tickles me to death.’

The tail must be in transit unless, as has been rumored, Manx cats have no tails.”