Thursday, December 13, 2012

If you enjoyed all of Jim Korkis' previous books and articles, you will LOVE Who's Afraid of Song of the South? This is because not only does Jim give us what makes the Korkis brand famous: excellent stories, great research, fun read, unconventional subject matters (and this book is full of those since it deals with various "controversial" Disney projects, aside from the making of Song of the South) but also because Jim benefited this time around from the profesional editing work of publisher Bob McLain who helps make the book even more readable.

I adore Song of the South and had always wanted to read a good in-depth "making of". Jim's very long essay on the subject does the trick beautifully and this is definitely a must-have.

My only regret: I wish Jim would start including a section listing his sources in a more academic way. The bibliography and the notes are usually the sections I check first when reading a Disney history book and I miss those in Jim's books. But this is just me and for most readers this will only be a very small drawback.

My advice: run to get yourself this great Xmas gift.


Douglas said...
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Bob McLain said...

It's nice to have the link, but maybe also include a few comments about this other book, such as that the author's purpose is not to trace the history and cultural significance of "Song of the South" for a general audience, as Jim Korkis does, but to present a closely argued academic thesis for a scholarly audience.

Students of the film will want both books; Disney fans and other mainstream readers will want Jim's book.