Wednesday, December 12, 2012

As you saw, Jim Korkis has releasing not one but two new books this year. I will publish a review of Who's Afraid of Song of the South? later on this week (hopefully), but you should not forget to also pick-up The Revised Vault of Walt.

[The REVISED Vault of Walt is a sleeker version of the previous (and now out-of-print) edition, with some of the original stories removed and sporting a much lower cover price. The omitted stories will be released soon in digital format as The Vault of Walt Sampler. Jim’s new stories include:

§  “Eating Like Walt” answers the question that if we are indeed what we eat, then what recipes created and sustained Walt’s unique genius?
§  “And the Oscar Goes to … Walt Disney” shares the stories-behind-the-stories of some of the many Academy Awards Walt won during his lifetime.
§  “The Carousel of Progress” discusses how the park attraction has changed over the decades but still remains an homage to the vision of Walt Disney.
§  “The Man Who Shot Walt Disney” reveals the photographer behind the iconic pictures of Walt Disney and how they were created.
§  Finally, as a preview of what to expect in Jim’s newest book, Who’s Afraid of the Song of the South, there is a chapter devoted to some of the most commonly asked questions about Disney’s most controversial film, Song of the South.
As before, the book is divided into four sections: stories of Walt Disney’s life, stories of  Disney Films, stories of Disney Theme Parks, and stories of the many other worlds of Disney, ranging from Nikita Khrushchev, Walt’s women, and the mysterious Gray Seal, to how a Looney Tunes legend Chuck Jones went “looney” working for Disney.]

Jim Korkis explains:

[I wrote The Vault of Walt in 2010 because of my deep concern that the unique history of the Disney Company was disappearing with the deaths of those people who actually knew Walt and who first shared many of these wonderful stories with me.
To my surprise, the book was a hit.
But that was two years ago, and since then, I’ve uncovered many, many new Disney stories, and I’ve learned more about the ones I already told. This is my chance to tell a few of those new stories and to elaborate upon some of the old ones.
In 2013, I plan to write an entirely new Vault of Walt. Rather than keep you waiting, and rather than miss out on my chance to bring the original Vault of Walt up-to-date, I decided to do the next best thing and offer this revised edition at a bargain price.
If this is your first experience with The Vault of Walt, there are many treasures to uncover about the worlds of Disney.  If you are an owner of the original edition (perhaps soon collectible curiosity), this book provides five new stories to maintain your interest until the updated edition is released. If you are upset that some stories are missing, the publisher has made them available as a Kindle book entitled The Vault of Walt Sampler.
So, to summarize, there is the original edition of The Vault of Walt, which is going into hibernation; the revised version that you hold in your hand right now with some new stories; and a Kindle “sampler” with the missing stories from the original edition.
That’s my story, and I am sticking to it.]

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