Thursday, October 25, 2012

Let's admit it: not since Monsters Inc. have I looked forward so much to seeing an upcoming Pixar or Disney movie. I simply can't wait to discover Wreck-it Ralph. I love the concept of the movie, and, based on the trailer, I adore the characters.

So I was extremely excited to receive the "Art of" book this week and to see that it does not disappoint. The artwork is beautiful (I had forgotten that Glen Keane had contributed to the project, by the way), I love the design of the characters and I really enjoy the backgrounds.

As always, I would have loved to see a little bit more text in this book, but the idea is to show the art, so the editor's choice is pretty logical overall.

Let's hope the movie will be as good as I am forecasting...

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Floyd Norman said...

Yes, what a pleasant surprise. I first viewed this movie as strange. However, it's strange in a wonderful, weird way. I truly like it and it's the best movie out of Disney in a long, long time.