Monday, December 26, 2011

This just in from Ed Mazzilli:

[I was on your blog this morning and the post triggered a thought. Here are a couple of pictures. One of Walt, two of the Disney Day in Levittown schedule and one of the crowds waiting for Walt with a lot of signage. This was the dedication of the Walt Disney Elementary school in Levittown, Pa.

I came across these pictures while doing some research for a blog post I put up about a year ago about schools named after Walt.

I had found a lot of other schools using his name, but the one in Pa. was the only school Walt ever made the trip for the dedication. Note the artwork on the walls in the background. Artists from the Studio had come out to add the finishing touches. The pictures can be found on the PA Sate Museum Web site.

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Snow White Archive said...

Disney Day. What a special treat that must have been for those kids.