Monday, October 24, 2011

Some of you may already know this obscure book and be aware of its direct connection with Disney, but I stumbled upon it yesterday and knew that some readers of the blog would love to discover it. I have not read it yet, but the back cover tells me I need to get it:

[Harold Bastrup, tells about one police officer's experiences over a 34-year period, from his start as an inexperienced deputy in Kenosha, Wisconsin to the time of his retirement as Chief in Anaheim, California years later. Unusual, dramatic, and often bizarre recollections in both departments, as well as many humorous events are given in 59 chapters in the 415 page book including the chief's work with Walt Disney and Disneyland in its early years.

Each chapter is a story in itself, including an incident with an embarrassed deputy who had to cut a young ladies brassiere strap when giving first aid, how police officers deal with death situations, policing of rock concerts, and pranks officers play to relieve tension. Chapter titles include: Child Neglect and a Father's Death, Murder at the Disneyland Hotel, Cops Have Feelings, The Motorcycle Gangs, The Stripper, and Protecting VIPS (including Presidents).

Disney chapters include: Walt Disney Recollections, Emperor Comes to Disneyland, The Hippie Invasion, The Clown and His Balloons, Police Problems at Disneyland, The All Night Graduation Parties, and Walt Disney Has Words the King Never Hears.]


Douglas said...

There another version on amazon that is also on the kndle that seems to be revised.

Didier Ghez said...

Yes, but also much shorter.