Monday, October 24, 2011

If you have not checked the Disney Family Museum blog in recent months you should run to it today. It's under new management and contains better and better content each day. The latest treat: a pdf of the Lilly Belle's guest book.

Do not miss today:

- I Rode the Lilly Belle!
- Riding the Rails with Walt Disney by Joseph Titizian
- The Mystery of Charles Shows by Jim Korkis
- Tom Scherman's Iron Man - and the Great Race at Ward Kimball's Grizzly Flats Train Depot by Pat Burke (thanks to Roger Colton for the link)
- Google Honors Mary Blair by Amid Amidi
- Snapshot Missouri! - Walt Disney Elementary School by Jeff Pepper
- Helen Aberson and the Writing of Dumbo by Michael Barrier
- Winnie the Pooh and Burny, too: a chat with animation legend Burny Mattinson by Jérémie Noyer

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