Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Are Myklebust attracted my attention this weekend towards this exceptionally rare English flip-book currently being sold on ebay.

I doubt that it is from 1930 (and certainly not from 1929!) as the seller claims or that it is the first Mickey Mouse "book" known to exist (the first Flip the Frog cartoon was released in August 1930 in the US and there is a Flip the Frog flip book in the series), but it is in any case out of the ordinary.

What make things even more exciting is that there was at least one other Mickey Mouse flip book in the series (see above).

And I love the fact that the ebay seller shot the exact name and address of the company which manufactured those items. One more small piece of the jigsaw puzzle found today thanks to Are.

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ramapith said...

Amazing that they took that OPRY HOUSE tuba scene—with no major characters—and made it half the book!