Friday, December 24, 2010

Disneyland Mickey Mouse Club Circus / 1955 - 1956

This just in from Todd James Pierce:

[I've seen home movies of the 1955/6 Disneyland Circus before. (I have some, but they aren't particularly great.) But I've never seen the Disney characters in the circus in a home movie.

This looks like a combination of a few things:

The Mickey/Minnie look like the ice show costumes again. Or at least they have the same zigzag cutouts on the mouth.Some--maybe all--of the other characters may have been from the ice show as well.It doesn't look like these dwarfs are from the Carthay Circle premiere in 1938.

Now the interesting part: About five years ago, I was talking to someone who swore she remembered character costumes being made at the studio for Disneyland during the summer of 1955. I filed that away in the "probably mis-remembered" category. But maybe she was right. Maybe there were some costumes made up at the studio that year???]

The same person who posted that clip on YouTube, also posted a rare video of C.V. Wood. See below:

Rare Clip of C.V. Wood / Disneyland General Manager

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Todd Pierce said...

I'm pretty sure that the C.V. Wood clip is from a 1991 TV show called "Instant Recall." The show lasted a year, but much of the production team was moved to a different show called "Inside Edition," which has had a very long run.

I've looked for that episode of Instant Recall for a couple years and have come up empty. I've even tracked down the prod co to see if they have the master tapes of C.V. Wood's interview. Again, nothing. The master tapes were probably destroyed.

If you have either, please drop me a note through Didier on this blog.

Todd Pierce