Tuesday, June 15, 2010

This just in from Jim Korkis:

[Disney fans were surprised when they went to see the latest blockbuster IRON MAN 2 and discovered there was a delightful “tribute” to Walt Disney. Howard Stark (portrayed by actor John Slattery from AMC’s television series MAD MEN) is Tony Stark’s imaginative father. (Tony Stark, of course, is the superhero Iron Man and is portrayed by actor Robert Downey Jr.) There is a film clip of Howard Stark promoting Stark Expo 1974 that looks remarkably like Walt Disney promoting the 1964 New York World’s Fair or an early prototype for Epcot.

However, if movie fans skipped the closing credits, they missed the lively theme song for Stark Expo 1974 which is “Make Way For Tomorrow Today”. It was written by Disney songsmith Richard Sherman who wrote the famous “There’s A Great Big Beautiful Tomorrow” for Disney’s Carousel of Progress at the New York World’s Fair. Richard Sherman has announced that the song will also appear in the upcoming Marvel CAPTAIN AMERICA film.

Here is a link to the song with its charming lyrics.

Here is a link to an instrumental version of the song and a promo for Stark Expo 1974.]

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Anonymous said...

I actually thought the homage was mean, insulting and really did not get tied into the film to make sense, except for the obvious rip off of the 1964 Worlds fair look.