Thursday, March 04, 2010

While this is not really Disney history, I enjoyed thise so much that I had to share it on the blog. The French March issue of the fashion magazine Elle contains those great drawings by the extremely talented Disney comic book artist Ulrich Schröder. The idea of course is that Disney characters have been dressed by the most famous fashion designers.


Ulrich Schröder said...

Hi Didier, Thanks a lot :-) But as this was a collaboration I just wanted to mention that DAAN JIPPES helped me by going over most of the layouts and all of the caricatures, MARIO CORTES drew the all the Disney characters on the last spread (Galliano) and FERRAN RODRIGUEZ inked these (again Galliano) and IVAN BOIX did the color. AND these are actually the the Disney characters in the role of the designers (The Big Bad Wolf plays Lagerfeld etc.) If you look for their pictures on the Internet you will (hopefully) see the resemblance...Best, and thanks again, Ulrich Schröder

Francoisw said...

This reminds me of a magazine called "Monsieur" (#1, 1995), where the exact same idea was used (Donald wearing clothes made by famous couturiers).