Monday, March 08, 2010

Do not miss today:
- FAMOUS DISNEY DUCKS~Disneyland's Gertie by Paul F. Anderson
- DISNEY AND THE MAGAZINE-Chocolate Frosted Sugar Bombs by Paul F. Anderson
- BRER RABBIT "Says 25 Free Trips to Disneyland" by Paul F. Anderson
- SUNDAY FUNNIES-An Ode to Elliott by Paul F. Anderson
- The Disney World - July 1967 on Vintage Disneyland Tickets
- Modern Inventions by Shane Glines (Thanks to Jim Korkis for the link)
- The Carnation Truck Lives! by Major Pepperidge (Thanks to Jim Korkis for the link)
- Walt Disney Presents the Story of 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea (1963) by Cory Gross (Thanks to Jim Korkis for the link)
- Oscar®-Winning Walt by Jim Fanning
- Walt Disney's Masterpiece of Magic, Emotion and Dreams Come True by Jim Fanning

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