Sunday, March 28, 2010

Harry Tytle's autobiography, One of Walt's Boys, is by far one of the most difficult to find Disney history books. The rare copies that are in the market are usually priced at $800 and above. Some of you might be interested to know that Paul F. Anderson has a few copies for sale at $450 in the Disney History Institute's bookshop.

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Dr Bitz said...

Disney artist Herb Ryman once told me a story about Harry and how he was trying to suck up to Walt by making a miniature coach to rival some of Walt's dollhouse miniatures he had made. According to Herb, Harry excitedly showed Walt his tiny coach for inspection. Walt frowned and said "'s not very good". Harry, now crestfallen, whined "Oh Walt, aren't you gonna at least give me an "A "for effort?"

Walt glared at him and said "No, I'm gonna give you an "S" for Sh*t!"

Official Herbie Story.