Sunday, January 17, 2010

Floyd Norman is about to release through print-on-demand publisher his long-awaited autobiography, My Animated Life. He is still tweaking a few things so I will let you know as soon as he considers the book ready to be ordered. (Thanks to David Lesjak for the heads up)

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Michael Asay said...

Over the summer I attended a seminar/forum given by Floyd Norman at the Art Institute in San Bernardino. It was really insightful and engaging, and Floyd spoke about what it was like to work with Walt Disney and how he got assigned to working on the story for Jungle Book, etc... Although he's technically retired, he still hangs around the studio (that afternoon he was to have a meeting with Don Hahn) and told us some things about Toy Story 3 that "John Lasseter would kill [him] if he found out" he told us. I imagine this book will contain many of the same interesting stories he told us, so I'm looking forward to its release!