Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Do not miss today:

- More Untold Tales of Captain EO by Wade Sampson
- Farewell, Jack: part 6 by Steve Hulett

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David said...

Walt Disney once called Hank Porter a "one man art department."

His output was amazing, his art was gorgeous and he could draw all of the characters on model second to none. He was a master of pen and ink illustration.

Courtesy his children and grandchildren I have amassed a collection of 800 - 1,000 examples of his art.

Some of the original art of Porter's that I personally own is currently on display in Gallery 6 of The Walt Disney Family Museum in San Francisco.

Porter created the lion's share of combat insignia at the studio. The cat in the above drawing was almost an exact duplicate of one Porter drew for the 25th Fighter Squadron in March 1945.

I have seen Porter's monogram "HLP" signature before, but never his signature spelled out fully.

If you want to see more of Porter's art, please visit my two blogs, where I showcase dozens of pieces with many more to eventually come.

I am also currently writing Porter's bio, so if anyone has any info they care to share, I'd appreciate hearing from them.