Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Believe me, there are few posts that could make me happier than this one. I am finally able to write a sentence that I have waited anxiously 4 years to be able to type: "Paul F. Anderson is back and he is blogging."

As most of you know, the two most important influences on what I have been trying to start in the last few years - through Walt's People, this blog and several other projects - have been Funnyworld by Michael Barrier and Persistence of Vision by Paul F. Anderson.

Paul has been a mentor and a friend for years, which made it all the more difficult when he fell off the map for serious health reasons. But thankfully he is back and what is equally exciting: he has decided to open the vaults and share his invaluable knowledge and truly unbelievable collection.

I have a feeling that starting today you will add the Disney History Institute to your short list of daily stops.

As a side note: Paul is still getting back up to speed, so if you are awaiting an email from him give him a few more weeks. He will answer you.

Let me say it again: Welcome back my friend!

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