Wednesday, September 02, 2009

This just in from Jeff Kurtti about my post from yesterday regarding ZaSu Pitts and Mickey and the Beanstalk:
[Much of the recording of Mickey and the Beanstalk was done in 1940. That's why the soundtrack is a mix of really solid Walt Mickey and nascent Jimmy MacDonald Mickey.

Pitts was very popular and very famous in this era, her star faded and she is seldom remembered today.

There is a famous "Snow White" drawing of either the Queen or the Princess as ZaSu Pitts.]

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Griff said...


Zasu Pitts remains well remembered today by film historians and fans of vintage movie and television comedy. She was a brilliant comedienne and comic actress in both silent and sound films and was in high demand for character parts until her death at age 87 in 1963. In addition, her dramatic role in von Stroheim's 1925 GREED remains among the most striking and unforgettable performances in the American silent cinema.