Monday, July 20, 2009

This just in through Howard Lowery:

[A major exhibition of the art of Mary Blair opened this month in Tokyo, Japan at the Museum of Contemporary Art. It is titled The Colors of Mary Blair and features more than 500 originals works and related items created for the films of the Walt Disney Studio, illustration, package designs, and personal expression. The museum's website address for this show is Some of the exhibited works are shown, yet the website is mostly in Japanese. The exhibition runs through October 4.

A catalogue has, or soon will be, published and should be available from the museum. I have inquired into purchasing copies to offer on our website, yet as of this writing do not know if the response will be positive. The same museum hosted the 2006 exhibition The Art of Disney that consisted of works then held by Chiba University from The Art of Animation show that Walt Disney sent to Japan in 1959, supplemented by additional works lent by Disney's Animation Research Library. The museum published a first-rate catalogue for that exhibit, and I suggest you watch the website for the opportunity to purchase a copy of the catalogue of The Colors of Mary Blair.]


Lionel said...

Let's hope purchasing the catalogue won't be as nightmarish as was purchasing the (magnificent)one of the previous exhibit (i.e. paying a fortune on ebay).

Paul said...

I managed to get a copy of the excellent Art of Disney book from in 2006. They seem to still have a few copies available. I assume they will be doing the same for this new Mary Blair catalogue. I'll want a copy from someone, whoever makes it easiest for me.

The Mary Blair exhibit website shows a range of items including small iasw dolls, cards, and what look to be printed scarves. Intriguing...