Wednesday, July 22, 2009

About two years ago I reviewed the Disney exhibit that took place in Paris at the Grand Palais and then moved to Canada. This exhibit travelled to Munich last year, although quite a few paintings and documents were replaced before the move happened.

I had the pleasure of receiving last week the German catalog and to say that it is a stunning book is an understament. The French and English catalogs that were released for the French and Canadian exhibits were beautiful. This German one is even better, as it contains a lot more photographs and is quite simply more exhaustive than its counterparts.

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George & Justine said...

Fantastic! Thanks for the heads up Didier, when it comes to Animation books, and Disney ones in particular, there's nobody who's word I trust more than yours. Placed an order through Amazon's US site, and for a great price too!

Very much looking forward to seeing this new version!