Friday, March 27, 2009

This just in from Gunnar Andreassen:

[Just a little follow up on the newspaper articles about the day Walt Disney got a Medal and a Daughter.

Some days ago a photo taken on this occasion was for sale on ebay. The quality of the photo in the description was not so bad, see enclosure.The text on back of the photo reads:

WALT DISNEY PRESENTED WITH MEDAL HOLLYWOOD, CALIF: -- Walt Disney, creator of Mickey Mouse and the Three Little Pigs is presented a medal for distinguished service to children, annual award of “The Parents’ Magazine”, of New York, a publication of National circulation. The presentation was made by Mrs. Marion Savage Sabin, of San Diego, representative of the publication. The award is made in appreciation of Disney’s contribution to the happiness of children. Photo shows left to right: Pinto Colvig, who plays the part of the 3rd pig, and also plays the part of Pluto who most everyone has heard in Walt Disney’s Mickey Mouse; Dorothy Compton , who plays the part of the 2nd pig; Mary Moder, who plays the part of the first pig; and Walt Disney. Disney also beside writingboth Mickey Mouse and the Three Little Pigs, also plays the part in the screeen version of Mickey Mouse. 12/18/33]

[There is also another photo from this day on (below) and one on page 83 in "The Art of Walt Disney" by Finch.]

[Parents Magazine that gave him the medal, had a little piece about this in the January 1934 number.]

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