Monday, November 03, 2008

This just in from Jim Korkis about Scott MacQueen that we mentioned last week and that unearthed so many treasures in the Disney vaults when he was still working for the Mouse:

[Scott Macqueen is at Kodak/PRO-TEK

Restoration Management

Our Restoration Management division is unique in the imaging community, offering you the finest hands-on supervision with the advantage of a "virtual laboratory" with access to a multitude of specialty service providers.

PRO-TEK Restoration Management was founded in 2003 to provide all branches of the moving picture industry with the talent and expertise to assist the process of managing the restoration and preservation of library product. Overseeing this new service is Scott MacQueen, a well-known authority and practitioner in the field of picture and sound restoration. His technical experience, historical expertise and aesthetic judgment offer the client a collaborative hand in making informed decisions with regard to element evaluation, photographic and digital picture solutions, audio restoration and reconstruction, and the video mastering of assets for new markets. This management service operates as a "virtual laboratory", providing you access to a large pool of skilled facilities and specialty vendors in the media community, while retaining overall project management.

Your valuable asset is carefully identified and inventoried through our Meta Data Capture – Labels – Bar Coding system, and inventory reports are available to you upon request.]

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