Thursday, August 28, 2008

I spoke recently with Michael Broggie (left) who mentioned his work on two upcoming books:

[I am currently researching the history of Walt's various studios--the first definitive study of the physical plants Walt created for his team beginning with the small garage in Kansas City to the international headquarters in Burbank. It will feature recollections of those who work (or worked) there.

I'm also finalizing a booklet based upon Walt's Words of Wisdom. An inspirational work direct towards younger folks, or the young at heart.]


Unknown said...


Both titles sound fantastic! I am really excited about the Studios book.

Thanks for sharing this information with us!

Anonymous said...

This sounds intriguing.

Hyperion-from Organ factory to studio, to strip mall.

WDI-from airport to cosmetics factory to the Imagineering campus.

I hope he includes the Holmby Hills home, and the red barn too!

Mark Sonntag said...

A study of the studios, I can't wait for that, I hope there'll be some great photos we haven't scene yet.