Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Sunbathing at the Studio

One of the most enjoyable interviews I have conducted (over the phone) recently is a very long one with Joe Hale. The questions that Jim Korkis sent me did help a lot, by the way.

The second part of that interview happened yesterday and Joe mentioned (without my prompting him) a funny story related to the sunbathing photo I just posted on the blog.

The artists were accustomed to go sunbathing, nude, on the roof of the Studio. The Studio is 3 stories high as we all know. When St. Joseph's hospital was built in front of the Studio it was 4 stories high and someone apparently soon realized that the nuns working at St. Joseph had a wonderful view, from the 4th floor, of the artists in the nude.

No more nude sunbathing from then on.

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