Wednesday, April 30, 2008

James D. Marks submited the following two questions to me a few weeks ago.

[Please ask Diane if Walt shopped for the clothes he wore or did someone purchase them for him. His clothes were always very fashionable. He put together shirt, tie, jacket and pants which most of us wouldn't think of combining. He looked GREAT, always.

Also, did Walt stand on his tip-toes when photographed so he would appear taller? (I read that somewhere)]

Diane answered:

[Dad shopped for himself. He cared very much about his appearance, and often fretted with me that I was too casual about my attire. We see how, when success happened in the late 20's and early 30's, he became a really natty dresser.

He was much more conservative during my life with him. Have you seen the photo of him attired in an array of checks? With the black and white wing tip shoes? Quite dashing! Dad stood on his tiptoes sometimes in a humorous manner when standing with me and my sister when we were grown .. Sharon was 5'8". He also did so in our wedding photo, to see eye to eye with my husband, who is 6'5".

I appreciate your reader's observations!]

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