Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Hans Perk has posted the following note on his blog today:

[Several blogs have already pointed the way to the book Working for Disney: 1936-1937, the Ingeborg Willy Scrapbook from The Cowan Collection, available through Blurb for $40 softcover or $48 hardcover. (Check out the PDF of sample pages following the link.)

Mine arrived yesterday, and I must say I am delighted, it was well worth the expense. The photos are wonderful, and most have been enlarged for better viewing. It also features lots and lots of drawings, and even a few Time Reports and Scene Instruction Sheets, the likes I have not seen before! The book itself is nice and tight, quite a surprise for a book that has been produced this way.

With Snow White on the cover, one can only hope that the Disney lawyers leave this alone, as it is presented at cost. Better make sure and get it before it is too late!]

I have received mine a few minutes ago and I second every one of the sentences above. A "must-have". In my universe, at least.


Anonymous said...

Frankly, I didn't see my copy until I returned home from a trip yesterday! I liked the way it turned out and flipping through the enlargements was enjoyable -- since the original images are generally less than 2" in size. The color is better in the hardcopy than in the softback, but still not too bad -- a little more yellow than I would like. I'm still trying to get the hang of "soft proofing" for these books. I hope this lets folks get more of a "feel" for those early days than some of the other publications I've seen.
--Bob Cowan

David said...

Robert was kind enough to send me a pdf file of the book.

I really, really enjoyed seeing the black and white photos taken on the grounds of the old Hyperion Studio. That alone to me was worth the price of the book.

My hardcopy should be arriving any day now and I can hardly wait.

Anonymous said...

Hi Bob Cowan,

I don't know you, and did not know how to reach you, so I'm glad I found your message here. I received my copy of the book today (softback), and I frankly did not know what to expect: I am absolutely delighted! I wasn't expecting such interesting photos, such beautiful and plentiful artwork, and, what's more, such a handsomely produced book (the color, to mee, seemed quite nice). A very very big thank you, then,

Lionel Michaux, Paris, France

Mark Sonntag said...

If you ever wondered what life was like at Hyperion, this is the book to get. It's like a window into that era.

Anonymous said...

Thanks so much for making this book available. I received my copy yesterday. As a reference book, it's fantastic. There are some lovely shots of the old studio--also time sheets, color models, etc.