Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Yesterday I posted a photo of the Sound-Effects Department. Here is a story told by Jim Macdonald that will appear in Walt's People - Volume 7.

[On the sound effects stage there are all those drawers there, a couple of hundred, all of them labeled. Now then, I had to make some bee buzzes and I could never get the rubber thin enough. So I’d sent out and I’d had some rubbers, the regular contraceptives, sent in. I stretched those out over a spool and I put a hose at the bottom and by working the handle there I could make these bees buzz. To label those from other bees, what did I label those? I said, “Spanish Fly.” Walt had some guests in there and he was reading off all these labels, “raspberries… horns… Spanish Fl… ah…” and he moves over it quickly. He got off that idea quickly. But he did love the sound effects. Back there in the early, early days, he used to love to come. I remember he used to bring guests around, and he’d always bring them to the sound-effects stage.]

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