Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Edward Mazzilli attracted my attention yesterday to a great web site: The Mouse Lounge:

[Just as a heads up: not sure if you listen to any of the Disney Podcasts that are out there, but the MouseLounge Podcast has had two back to back shows with some great Walt Content. Gary Chambers is the host and as near as I can figure it he gets his clips from the Disney Family Museum. He use relative tracks to what he is trying to discuss. This week we heard Walt talking a number of different ways about getting cash for his endevours. A very good listen.

Show 29 had Walt speaking about his South American trip.

Show # 30 also has a panel discussion recorded last week at the re-opening of 101 Dalmations. Besides Leonard Maltin, there was Alice Davis, Eric Goldberg, Lisa Davis, and Blaine Gibson in attendence also. Enjoy.]

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