Friday, December 21, 2007

The blog will not be updated until Thursday next week.

I could not leave however, without offering you some content linked to Christmas. Ask for it and Jim Korkis will provide. Here is a beautiful story he sent me yesterday:

[A Christmas Eve Memory from Jack Lindquist, the first President of Disneyland: Disneyland Christmas Eve 1955

"I was walking down Main Street (near the end of the day). There was a couple with two kids, about 8 and 10, on their way out. They were neatly dressed but not well-off. They got down to Emporium (store) and were looking in the window. They didn't go in, but I heard the little girl say, 'This really was better than having Santa Claus.' That said it to me right there: We're going to make it."]

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Anonymous said...

Great story and great message Didier!