Wednesday, November 28, 2007

From the collection of Pete Merolo come those scans of the original finished pencil artwork from the Model Sheets of Goddess of Spring (1934).


Anonymous said...

Many thanks Didier.
Many thanks Pete.It is really great to share with us arts from your collection.
Your story about the way you purchased a collection of original Disney artworks that were part of the personal collection from Mr. Guthrie Courvoisier, is incredible. A dream for all the collectors...
Have you also bought drawings or concept paintings?

Anonymous said...

Very nice, I have the printed models that were handed to animators in 1934 during production. It is nice to see the originals. I should share my original pencil model sheet from the ROBBER KITTEN. Can anybody identify the artist or artists who did these.? Was it Albert Hurter?

Thanks for sharing these Didier and Pete.