Monday, October 08, 2007

My wife is a jeweller. While browing through some of her reference book yesterday I stumbled upon this bracelet from 1939 created by Cartier. One fascinating detail, of course, are the characters from Alice in Wonderland it contains, along with the Silly Symphonies, Snow White and Pinocchio characters. This is 1939, which shows, once again, for how long Alice had been in the works.

By the way (and this is clearly totally off-topic), if you want to discover the type of jewels that my wife creates, visit her new blog in English. She can also create (and enjoys creating) tailor-made items. She works with stainless silver, but also gold and every precious material that you can think of and, of course, exports overseas. The prices on the site are in pounds, but to calculate the prices in US dollars, just multiply the amount by 2.

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