Friday, January 05, 2007

As you know, one of the subjects that fascinate me is the history of Disney in Eastern Europe before the Communist rule. The cover of this paintbook from Serbia, which I received from my friend and blog reader Vuk Markovic yesterday, made my day. Here are some explainations from Vuk:

[Miki Slikar means "Mickey the Painter." The coloring book is 16-page long. Every other page is printed in full color, and the next page has the same image in black and white which was to be painted. All the interior pages are of the same quality as the cover. The first page carries a message by Mickey for the children. It starts "Dear children .... " and ends with "Yours Mickey."

On the last page there is the inscription that it was published by Decija umetnicka grafika S. N. Latiseva, Beograd (Belgrade). Which would translate as "Children's Art Graphics of S. N. Latisev". It is also very strange that it is in latin letters, since the vast majority of Serbian publications of the time were in cyrilic letters.]

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