Tuesday, December 26, 2006

I hope you all enjoyed a relaxing and very happy Xmas. There were quite a few exciting posts all around the web in the last few days. Here are the ones I believe should not be missed:

- I forgot to mention last week this excellent article by Wade Sampson called A Disney Family Christmas.

- The Xmas card on the left comes from a series of cards sent to Richard Huemer's father, Disney legend Dick Huemer. Richard Huemer posted those on his website last week. Jenny Lerew posted Ward Kimball's 1963 Xmas card on the Blackwing Diaries.

- In case you have not seen this yet, ASIFA's Animation Archives posted a scan of a great article from Life magazine about the Disney Studio during WWII.

- Also related to WWII is Michael Barrier's post from December 25.

- Finally, Michael Sporn's gives us scans of two excellent articles about Ub Iwerks as a nice Xmas gift.

Happy Reading.


DisneyDave said...

Hello Didier:

Regarding Disney war related articles appearing in Life Magazine.

Besides the one pictured on the ASIFA site, the following issues of Life contained articles on Disney and the war effort:

1) May 26, 1941 - three page article on Disney insignia.

2) March 16, 1942 - three page article on Disney's tax film, "The New Spirit."

3) September 7, 1942 - Walt Disney helps promote a war scrap salvage drive. An accompanying photo shows Walt about to smash an iron deer ornament on his front lawn with a sledgehammer.

4) November 2, 1942 - three page article on Disney's short "der Fuehrer's Face."

5) February 1, 1943 - three page article on Gregor Ziemer's book "Education For Death - the Making of a Nazi." Includes images of four pieces of art from Disney's film, which was based on the book.

6) July 19, 1943 - three page article on "Victory Through Air Power."

There are others, but these are some of the more in-depth articles appearing in Life.




DisneyDave said...

Regarding the Masquer's program on Michael Barrier's site:

I picture both program versions in my blog in the September archives.

I have three of these programs in my collection (2 of the same cover but for different events). One of my cover's is signed by Spencer Tracy, while another lists Samuel Goldwyn as the host and Dinah Shore as one of the performers.

Disney artist Hank Porter created the art found on the covers and inside pages.