Saturday, March 25, 2023

The 27th volume of Walt's People was released yesterday!

Some really, really fun stuff in there. Here is the table of contents:

Brian Sibley and Richard Holliss: Joe Grant
Tadhg Murphy’s 1946 Diaries
Larry Watkin: Leprechaun Land
Tadhg Murphy’s 1947 Diaries
Mary Wilmar: I Love Polar Bears
Anne Papineau: Eyvind Earle
Didier Ghez: Joe Alves
Bob Thomas: Luther Marr
Bob Thomas: Harry Archinal
Bob Thomas: Dick Morrow
Michael Broggie: John Hench
John G. West: Ken Annakin
Jim Korkis: Rock Hall
Jim Korkis: Tom Morris
Didier Ghez: Ron Carman
Didier Ghez: Paul Torrigino
Didier Ghez: Randy Cartwright
Didier Ghez: Ed Ghertner

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