Friday, August 12, 2022


A reminder to all of you that my new monograph, "The Origins of Walt Disney's True-Life Adventures" will be released at D23 Expo this year. We will be selling it at the Hyperion Historical Alliance-Ryman Arts booth. Due to supply chain issues, only 75 copies will be available during the Expo (and I will probably buy the first one for myself). If you want to get your copy before November / December this will be the only place to do so.
We will also be selling the remaining 40 copies of the "Making of Walt Disney's Fun and Fancy Free" monograph by JB Kaufman and also all three issues of the Hyperion Historical Alliance Annuals.
Both JB and I will be at the booth the whole time to autograph our monographs and the Annual.
I am very, very proud of the new monograph and consider its content to be quite revolutionary. It is the very first time this story is being told; most of the sources I used had never been accessed before (that includes the papers of artist Holling C. Holling, the lost autobiography of Al and Elma Milotte and much more); and most of the illustrations are seen in book form for the very first time.
The first chapter deals with the genesis of the True-Life Adventures: the research trip to Maine in 1938 during the making of "Bambi." (It includes never-seen-before photographs of the trip and a first-person account of it!)
The second chapter focuses on Disney's educational projects during WWII (in a lot more detail that what we knew until now).
The third chapter covers Al and Elma Milotte's one-year-long trip to Alaska and quotes from their correspondence and recently rediscovered autobiography.
The fourth chapter gives information about the roads not taken: the early shelved True-Life Adventures.
Finally, the fifth chapter tells the story of the making of the first of the True-Life Adventures: Seal Island.
We can't wait to see you at the Expo!

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