Wednesday, February 13, 2019

Chronicle Books is about to send They Drew As They Pleased - Volume 5 to the printer. It will be released in August. Here is the cover, revealed for the first time. This volume focuses on two of my favorite Disney concept artists: Ken Anderson and Mel Shaw.


K. Martinez said...

Do you know when it will be available for pre-order on Amazon or other online book store? Anyway, I'm glad to see another volume of this ongoing series published as it's one of my favorites.

cgrotke said...

I'm very glad you're able to continue with this series. I've enjoyed each volume so far, and they add up to become a great resource. I find myself turning to them for inspiration of color, line, and also just being impressed by all of the artists' skills. Having the stories of each artist along the way brings it all to life for me, and helps with understanding of their styles.

They Drew As They Pleased have become favorites in my collection of books. They'll stay at the top of the list - at least until that Marc Davis Imagineering book comes out.

ps. I second the request of your preface-writers that one volume of TDATP be devoted to park art.