Friday, March 30, 2018

 As Disney historians, we are always trying to put faces on names. Here are three Disney story artists from the 1930s for whom I finally managed to find photos. At the top is Lew Landsman who worked for Disney then for Warner.

Below, the photographer is Peter O'Crotty, who also worked for Disney and then Warner before the war.

Finally, at the bottom is Dick Creedon, a prominent Disney writer in the 1930s.


VoiceTalentBrendan said...
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Christian S. said...

Dick Creedon... Yeah, he features prominently in Disney history for what I know of. He was the one who recommended Eric Larson for a tryout at Disney, wrote an outline of Snow White Suggestions, and features in some Snow White story notes suggesting raindrops at the mourning of Snow White.