Monday, February 12, 2018

I just received two good books about Walt Disney World: One by Aaron Goldberg (released by Quaker Scribe Publishing and the other one by Andrew Kirste (released by Theme Park Press).

If you have read Andrew's previous two volumes you know that his work is quite in depth and will satisfy those of us who want to know about the most minute details in the parks and about the historical background.

Aaron's volume takes a different approach: it is much more of a summary, but it is illustrated and highlights some details about the making of each of the attractions.

Both are really good books for park enthusiasts.

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Christian S. said...

I have a curious question: Does Disneyland park
play a part in Disney animation, or the other way
around? I mean, take a look fx at some of the facts;
Sleeping Beauty Castle was created to promote the
upcoming film, and some of the animators and artists
behind the animated films were brought to bring these
movies to life in Disneyland.