Tuesday, July 11, 2017


As most of you know, there are still a few early Oswald the Lucky Rabbit and Alice Comedies which are considered as lost.

Over the past few years Dave Bossert and David Gerstein initiated a search to locate as many of them as possible, They were extremely successful, but there are still a few of these historically critical shorts that have not yet been located and / or preserved.

Dave Bossert is close to locating a few of those missing treasures, but getting access to them and then restoring them takes a budget. Which is why he is a launching a Patreon initiative (very similar in spirit to the better-known Kickstarter).

I will definitely become one of the patrons of this tremendously important initiative. I really, really hope that as many of you as possible will do so too.

For just $1 a month you can help preserve a truly critical part of Disney history. This is worth it!

Follow this link for more details.


Anonymous said...

Aren't these still owned by Disney? Would say Disney would have a vested interest in keeping and restoring these pictures.

Mark Mayerson said...

Why isn't the Disney company financing this?

Thorsten said...

Thanks for the link.

I´m will take part also because its important to keep those treasures for the future and of course I would be proud been a little part of it.


Didier Ghez said...

Mark: Because most of those shorts are in the public domain so that they can not justify the investment, hence this private and commendable initiative.

Christian S. said...

How many of these animated shorts have been given a DVD release? I know there are two Walt Disney Treasures DVDs with Oswald cartoons and
Alice cartoons, and a few Laugh-O-Gram cartoons in the Diamond Blu-Ray edition of Beauty and the Beast