Wednesday, December 21, 2016

The blog is a little silent these days as I am trying to complete or kick-start a few important projects:

1. Jack-Of-All-Trades - Interviews with Ken Anderson by Paul F. Anderson: The manuscript is now complete and if all goes well the book will be released by early February.

2. Walt's People - Volume 19: The book is ready and only awaiting the cover drawing so I am really hoping to see it in print in February or March.

3. I spent a large part of the last 10 days editing the first volume of the Ward Kimball Diaries (1939 to 1941). This is absolutely fascinating stuff. If all goes well this book will be release in May and maybe even a little earlier. We will see.

4. I also plan to start editing soon some of the sections of the Leo Salkin autobiography and diaries.

4. And of course I am hard at work correcting the galleys of They Drew As They Pleased - Volume 3 and writing They Drew As They Pleased - Volume 4.

I love it.


Thorsten said...


Beside all those great new projects I´m so excited to the Ward Kimball Diaries. Brilliant animator and a very fascinating life.

Happy Xmas from Germany!

- Thorsten

Sandro Cleuzo said...

Fantastic, Didier! I can not wait for all theses books and thank you so much for your dedication to the art form.

Celbi P. said...

Feliz Natal, Didier!!!! Keep up the great work! Lets hope for a 2017 with many more Disney books!

- Celbi