Monday, October 10, 2016

Thanks to my good friend and fellow Disney historian, Mindy Johnson, I have recently discovered the only known photo of Bela Lugosi posing as Chernabog to guide the animators of Fantasia (especially Bill Tytla). If all goes well that photo will be released in the third volume of They Drew As They Pleased.

The filming session with Bela Lugosi took place at the Disney Studio on November 12, 1939. Now, thanks to Aaron Goldberg, author of The Disney Story, here is a clipping from the February 1940 issue of the magazine Modern Screen about that session.

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Christian S. said...

Bela Lugosi does a superb performance in Dracula (1931), that I
almost got hypnotized by his eyes. But because I'm on the other
side of the screen, he can't turn me into a vampire :P