Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Quite a few reviews were released yesterday about The Hidden Art of Disney's Musical Years, but I particularly enjoyed this one which beautifully shows the interior of the book and really "gets" what I am trying to achieve.

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Christian S. said...

Book received! When I read the Music Maestro chapter, it filled some
Disney-historical gaps for my study, and your text in the first endnote is mind-blowing. However, I only read two chapters (Walt Scott and Kay Nielsen) which were time-consuming. It only distracted me from doing my other hobby, which is drawing. My head was full of ideas to sketch when I read your book, taking inspiration from Nifty Nineties and The Da Vinci Code. At least, your biography of Kay Nielsen was a joy to read; it shed some new lights on the somber Dane
and anecdotes of his personality that I once could relate to